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Hello and welcome to London Milongas!  We aim to be your one-stop guide to social dancing of tango in London & South-East England, telling dancers what’s on, where they can go, and what to expect when they get there. The primary purpose of the site is to provide as comprehensive a listing as we can of all milongas and social tango dancing that is planned to take place in London, and its environs, up to 100km away from Charing Cross. We’re independent of all of the milonga-organisers, and we’re not on commission – our aim is to give you the overview that allows you to make your own decisions about where to go.

In the same spirit, while we aim to provide dancers with the contact information and details they need in order to get to milongas, we are not in the business of recommending any particular events. It’s functionally impossible for us to tell you which milonga is right for you: that depends on where you’re based, what your preferences are for music or ambience, what your skill level is, or what you’re looking for. And, last but not least, we don’t know which events your friends are planning on attending. Feel free to follow weblinks to the relevant events, and see whether you like what you see.

While the primary aim of this site is to assist the social dancer, we know that in tango, the learning never ceases. We don’t want to recommend classes or teachers, but we have put together a page with the contact details of the best known tango teachers in London. Why not test them out?

Best wishes from all of the London Milongas team


Our Mission

This website is entirely volunteer-run, independent of any of the milonga-organisers in London.

We do this for the love of tango, and to provide a service to the London tango community, so that information is spread efficiently about what’s on and when. It’s free and will always be free.

The genesis of the site is the “Tomorrow’s Milongas – London” page on Facebook, which started in 2013 on similar lines, though in those days we were more narrowly focused on London within the M25. However, there is so much good dancing to be had outside of London that we’ve expanded our boundary to around 100km from Charing Cross.

While we were content just as a Facebook group, technical problems in 2021 meant that “Tomorrow’s Milongas” had to be abandoned in favour of a rebrand as “London Milongas”, with this page as a non-Facebook mirror site in case the tech giant gives us more problems in the future.

However, our Facebook page remains our main home, so if you want to get the best experience, please follow us there in order to get verified listings twice a week for 4-7 days ahead. 

Central London

If you’re an urban resident, or a visitor to the capital, we have all the milongas listed. This category broadly covers venues within TfL’s zones 1-2, so from Archway and Hampstead in the north to Brixton and Lewisham in the south.

Suburban London

There may be fewer big milongas in the suburbs, but there are lots of classes and practicas. If there is social dancing, we will list it.

Outside the m25

Why come into the capital at all, when so many great milongas are available outside, often with plentiful car parking! We list social dancing events up to approximately 100km from London, around 65 miles. As a rough guide, that covers the whole of the Home Counties, up as far as Oxford, Basingstoke and Cambridge.

The Team

The team behind this site is the same one as behind “Tomorrow’s Milongas – London”, and is comprised of:

Between us, we’ve too many years of dancing tango in London to remember, and we’re hoping for the same number again!

Want to help us?

This site is volunteer-run, and so while we do our best to get everything right, we rely on eagle-eyed milongueros to tell us about errors. Please let us know if you spot something wrong!

We are always grateful for assistance from dancers who spot:

If you spot any of these things, do let us know, and we’ll fix the error as soon as we can.