Tango is a journey, not a destination

The learning curve for tango is a long one, and every single dancer has struggled to get to where they are. No matter what your current skill level, there is always more to learn. Body awareness, musicality, flexibility, muscle memory and steps – there is always something more to improve on and to master.

This site is mainly focussed on social dancing (ie the “results” of your tango journey), rather on the learning curve itself. However, it’s important for the community to acknowledge the excellence of the tango teachers in London, many of whom organise our favourite events, and without whom we’d have a much poorer social scene.  You can find below an (incomplete) list of the best-known tango schools in London: why not contact one or more of the teachers listed below, and go to one of their group classes or private lessons. Given the prevalence of Covid, many also have online offerings too!