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What is an Argentine Tango practica?

It is the place to grow and speed up your dancing skills outside the class or a Milonga setting. They were established since 1920s (called sometimes ‘academias’) and became very popular in the Tango’s Golden Era.

How to define a Practica and its benefits

➡️ A tango experience between a lesson and a milonga (social dance).

➡️ The practica itself is considerably more casual than the traditional milongas with a relaxed atmosphere.

➡️ Open to all skill levels. Everyone is welcome. The practica also gives you an opportunity to meet other dancers.

➡️ A supportive and friendly place to learn, ask for advice from a peer dancer or from the instructor(s) or just to workout your own ‘moves’.

➡️ For experienced dancers is a place to practice the skills you already have and develop further your dancing.

➡️ The class usually will be orientated to give participantes tools that can use for the floor navigation, dynamics and special footwork.

➡️ Unlike a milonga, it is okay to stop and discuss what is and isn’t working – to the limits of your partner.

Venue : The Dome

2A Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 1HL

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👗👖 What to wear? 

A practica is informal – dress comfortably, cleanness is essential.

Who will I dance with?

 You don’t need a partner to attend.

 Dancers may change partners or work together only. Both are acceptable and not considered monopolising.

🎶 What to expect with the music?

 Tango & vals, occasional milongas. Alongside playing traditional Tangos, also music from the 50s and ‘contemporary’ Tangos can also be included in the music programme.

 The ronda (line of dance) rule should be respected. Please move to the centre of the floor if you wish to work in place.

*Class 7pm-8pm

*Practica til late

*Class & Practica £15 cash or £16 Card

*Practica Only £12 cash £13 Card.

No need to book.


04 May 2022


20:00 - 23:00

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The Dome, Tufnell Park NW5 1HL
2A Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 1HL



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